Fierce le Fey

Cosmic Pop Poetry


Zoë Clare is Fierce le Fey, cosmic pop poet - inter-dimensional wordsmith and faerie translator.  With influences ranging from Hanson to Tori Amos, Fierce brings an emotive relevance to the realms of sound design, while maintaining an engaging melodic delivery.  As the poetry crystalizes, so to does the beat/bass synthesis, encouraging the listener to get lost in her relevant messages of Spiritual Growth, Personal Responsibility, and Evolutionary Tenacity.  Travel through seasons with Zoë as she uses her voice to impact heartfelt intention towards positive planetary change.   

Zoë Clare began writing poetry at a very early age and has continued to grow in this direction through out many varying stages of her creative development.  She has walked with a steady purpose of encouraging more vocal communication about emotions, more space for vulnerable expression, and more compassion towards each other as we each step into our Voice to Effect Responsible Change.  Allow yourself to feel the intricacies of a Faerie, speaking - she might just unveil words you didn't know existed - or feelings inside yourself that you didn't know you had.  


Photographer:  Shaunti LallyiAm @ STiL Focus Media